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Frequently Asked Questions about pcn.cockpit

Here you find the answers to your questions about pcn.cockpit®. If not, don't hesitate to use other helpdesk options.

What happens when you load a huge part list into the pcn.cockpit?

Matching 70,000 parts with smartPCN´s.

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How can I see completed PCN?

To show completed PCN, check the checkboy Show done above the list of PCN

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Why are my mails not forwarded in the pcn.cockpit test system?

Mailing in the pcn.cockpit:

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How is the % calculation "Overall" done during matching in the pcn.cockpit?

Calculation "Overall %" in pcn.cockpit:

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Which options in Internet Explorer are required?

The URL of your pcn.cockpit® must be added to your trusted sites. 

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Why can't I set my PCN to DONE?

You can set a PCN as DONE, if it has no matches to any of your BOMs or if its mapping is complete but no analysis has started yet.

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My PCN has state "Action needed", why is it not possible to create an action workflow?

Because the analysis of your PCN is not yet done.

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What does the number in brackets in PCN state "Analysis needed" mean?

The sum of affected assemblies per mapping for which we don't have any analysis.

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