pcn.cockpit is a comprehensive tool used in the context of digital obsolescence management. With pcn.cockpit, you receive and process incoming notifications of product changes and discontinuations (PCN - Product Change Notifications). pcn.cockpit supports you at all stages of obsolescence management such as:

  • Importing conventional PCN and smartPCN
  • Assignment of PCN to affected components and assemblies or systems
  • Workflows to analyse the impact on affected products
  • Planning and monitoring of all workflows and the resulting tasks
  • Definition of appropriate measures and
  • Monitoring of their implementation
  • Drafting PCN for own products  

pcn.cockpit is based on the smartPCN standard of the  COGD (Component Obsolescence Group Deutschland) e.V., smartPCN is the digital standard for product changes and discontinuations and conforms to VDMA 24903.

Every day, pcn.cockpit compares item codes (parts, components, assemblies, software) with all item codes for which smartPCN are available in the pcn.global database. Unlike other systems, no data from your bills of materials is transferred to the outside - neither to the pcn.global database nor to third parties. pcn.cockpit receives PCN data from the pcn.global database and performs the comparison only internally on your servers.


With pcn.cockpit you also benefit from the following additional advantages:

  • Evaluation for internal and external stakeholders
  • Management of bills of materials and automated filtering of PCN for your affected components
  • Access to the pcn.global database with thousands of evaluated and converted smartPCN

You will find further advantages here.