The pcn.global database is the central place for product change and discontinuation notifications (PCN/PDN) in smartPCN format. To aceess the database the pcn.cockpit is needed. On request also other systems may access the database. 

Since 2016 PCN/PDN of various manufacturers are provided in smartPCN 3.0/VDMA 24903 format. A team of professional experts creates the data sets based on information provided by manufacturers or sent by our customers.

The convertion is performed by evaluation of the original PCN/PDN and storage of the content as specified by by smartPCN3.0/VDMA 24903. In case of missing information like product or part numbers we search for it. The original PCN/PDN is provided as well within the smartPCN.

In parallel to smartPCN available for all users there are also confidential smartPCN that can be received by autorised customers only.

It is also possible to operate databases containing just smartPCN of a specific industry sector or company and are available for selected users only.

The pcn.global database provides just information related to product changes and discontinuations. They may be related to components, parts, software, documents or material – and for much more than electronic components. The pcn.global database is therefore not comparable to component databases, which do contain technical information of components.