In the pcn.global database we record and store PCN (Product Change Notifications) in smartPCN format.

Converting means that all relevant data from an existing PCN is captured and stored in a machine-readable form in the XML file of the smartPCN. If necessary or required, missing item codes are searched for and stored in the smartPCN.

In general you can send us all your PCN. We convert PCN to a standard smartPCN at no cost to you. A standard smartPCN does not contain any customer-specific data of the PCN recipient (such as your internal part numbers or ordering information). pcn.cockpit provides you with PCN which you have sent to us, even if there are no matches with your component data.

The purchase of smartPCN via pcn.cockpit is subject to costs, depending on the license model.

We also offer you web services with which you can access the directory of pcn.global and the relevant part numbers as well as specifically download smartPCN for a fee.


Further services include:

  • Supplementation of internal item codes from PCN
    We take over the specification of internal item codes from the PCN into the pcn.global database. When downloading the smartPCN with pcn.cockpit, these are generated for you only. Other companies do not receive this data. This service requires a valid pcn.cockpit license.
  • Generation of confidential smartPCN
    We can capture PCN in such a way that they are only available to you. In this case, the smartPCN can either be received via pcn.cockpit or sent by e-mail. These PCN are not entered into the general pool of smartPCN and are not available to other customers.


Due to the manual effort involved, we generally do not send smartPCN by e-mail.


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