The first million has been reached.


It's done - on 10.7.2018 the database reached the first million affected components in the smartPCN format of COG Germany and in the VDMA 24903 format - a reason for celebration for our team, which has been filling the database with Product Change Notifications (PCN) since 2016.

The smartPCN format, with VDMA 24903 an official standard, is the convenient, digital and standardized alternative to the often unclear, different and laboriously evaluated PDF files that you get from manufacturers and distributors - if you get them at all.

In addition to electronic components, smartPCN also communicates changes and discontinuations of spare parts of all kinds, materials, auxiliary materials, software or even service digitally and uniformly.

Most changes and discontinuations are now sent by e-mail as PDF files. The recipient must laboriously read, evaluate and compare them: are company components, assemblies or end products affected at all?

Every publisher of a PCN today uses its own formats and terms. No PCN creator is (as of today) bound to a uniform format and to uniform terms.

In many cases it is not guaranteed that the recipient concerned will receive the message at all. Purchasing, for example, determines that the product is no longer available when a repeat order is placed - often a major, time-consuming and ultimately expensive problem.

In 2016, D+D+M Daten und Dokumentationsmanagement (D+D+M Data and Documentation Management) therefore began to collect the PCNs of change and discontinuation notifications from a wide variety of manufacturers worldwide and to store them in smartPCN format. The database currently contains over 18,000 records with over 1 million assigned part numbers from nearly 400 manufacturers that have been collected since early 2016.

With the PCN management system pcn.cockpit, these daily growing part numbers can be automatically compared with the company's own part numbers (MATCHING) - and this without having to disclose their own part numbers to external parties. In this way, all PCNs that match the company's own components can be found quickly and easily.

Subsequently, all activities associated with the PCN, such as analyses and/or measures, are processed simply and conveniently in a central, intranet-based system.

Reduce risks and costs - this is achieved with the professional obsolescence management system pcn.cockpit and the database, illustrated in the video.

D+D+M is a Business Partner of COG Deutschland e.V., the only industry association in the German-speaking world that deals with all topics related to obsolescence (