The first million has been achieved!


Done - on July 10, 2018 the first million part numbers in the database were reached, which are available in the smartPCN format of COG Deutschland or VDMA 24903 - a reason to celebrate for the team, which has been filling the database since January 2016.

The smartPCN format of COG Deutschland e.V, with VDMA 24903 an official standard, is the convenient, digital, standardized alternative to the often confusing, difficult and laboriously evaluated PDF files that you get from manufacturers and distributors – if you get them.

In addition to electronic components, changes and announcements of spare parts of all kinds, materials, auxiliary materials, software or even services are communicated digitally and uniformly with smartPCN.

Most changes or discontinuations are now sent by e-mail as PDF files. The recipient must laboriously read and evaluate them and evaluate whether the company is affected at all. Each sender has its own format and terms. In many cases you don't receive the messages at all and when placing a repeat order, the purchasing department finds that the product is no longer available - often a big and ultimately expensive problem.

D+D+M Daten- and Dokumentationsmanagement therefore began in 2016 to systematically collect and store the PCN (Product Change Notification) from many manufacturers in smartPCN format. The database currently contains over 18,000 data records with over 1 million assigned part numbers from almost 400 manufacturers, which have been collected since the beginning of 2016.

With the PCN management system pcn.cockpit, all these multiple part numbers can be automatically compared with your own part numbers - without disclosing any of your own part numbers to the outside world. This means that you find all PCNs for your own part numbers easily and automatically, quickly and reliably. With one click these are loaded into your local database. All activities related to the PCN such as analyses or measures are processed simply and conveniently in a central, intranet-based system. This leaves time for the essentials - as the video clearly shows.

D+D+M is Business Partner of COG Deutschland e.V., the only industry association in the

German-speaking countries that deals with all topics related to obsolescence (